Thursday, 27 October 2011

our Halloween Playdough Centre

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Earlier this week I shared our Halloween playdough - here is how we play with it in our 'Halloween Playdough Centre'...

I kept some of the elements from our Autumn Playdough Centre like the plastic knives and forks, silicone cupcake cases, cut up straws and some twigs, I changed out the magnetic letters for all the green and orange numbers in our collection and added some halloween bits and pieces I have been collecting over the past couple of weeks...

These cookies cutters are from the supermarket - honestly they're not so great for playdough as the little edge bits tend to break off and get stuck, but the kiddos aren't into perfection anyway I guess.

I love these glow in the dark decorations, but I thought they might freak out little Vin if I stuck them in his room so we stick them in playdough instead - I also have something else fun to do with them later in the week, check back to see what we do.

... and a little black tub full of googly eyes to make monsters and creepy crawlies.

With two kiddos full of energy, it does get difficult to keep both of their interests in one thing or activity, but I find changing out our tools and resources like this means they are happy to come back to play day after day.


  1. These are great ideas. We have just gotten really into playdough again. I will be putting out some googly eyes tomorrow and picking up some fangs. I came over from It's Playtime.

  2. Thanks for this idea! We just got some Halloween stencils in the mail! We will definitely be playing with playdough and our stencils this weekend. :) Googly eyes are a great idea too!! Just got some of those this week!


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