Sunday, 23 October 2011

our felt-face pumpkins

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This week we started our Halloween activities. Since the kiddos are so little, I'm not keen on the scary stuff, but I figured making some cute and spooky pumpkin faces would be fun...

I thought we'd start with something simple that we can re-use in the run up to Halloween, so I made these felt faces for them to play with. I cut out two pumpkin shapes from orange felt and lots of different eyes, nose and mouth shapes from black felt...

(please excuse the colours on this picture, I set this activity up while Vin was napping in the living room, so we had the blinds closed!)

Felt naturally sticks together, but allows the kiddos to re-arrange and recreate as they wish. They loved this activity and it gave us a chance to practise pointing and labelling our own body parts.

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