Thursday, 13 October 2011

our autumn-scented playdough

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This week I made the kiddos a couple of batches of Autumn themed playdough - I used a no-cook recipe from The Imagination Tree, split the batch into two and kneaded in yellow food colouring and ground ginger for a gingerbread dough, orange colouring and nutmeg, and red coloruing and cinnamon for our 'Big Red' dough (do you guys remember Big Red chewing gum?)

I love how this adds an extra sensory experience to our play - and it makes your hands smell lovely. When Cc's mama came to pick her up she sat squishing the cinnamon dough over and over too!

Of course the colours got mixed up, but I don't mind because they look beautiful, like little Autumn-scented planets...


  1. oh, this is fabulous - those scents sound amazing! I am about to mix up some pumpkin spice playdough this week.

    would love for you to link to the Sunday Showcase & share your creative fun! I hope to see you this week -


  2. Love it, I bet it smells wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


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