Tuesday, 11 October 2011

mixing up a bowl of bubbles

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We love a spot of waterplay in our house... bowls, buckets, tubs... bubbles, pouring, washing up - it's such a great sensory experience and it's so easy to put together a little invitation to play... a towel on top of something waterproof (or go outside) a bucket and some slightly warmish water... add props or let the kiddos pick their own.

The only problem is when two little ones are playing I often find the water quickly leaves the bowl and is all over the floor in minutes. Here I was inspired by this post on Picklebums to make our own bowl of bubbles. I put maybe an inch of water in the bottom, a squirt of washing-up liquid (dish soap for you US peeps) and handed the kiddos a whisk and a spoon to go wild....

Because there's not much water there's little opportunity for spillages, but still lots of opportunity for pouring scooping mixing and getting your hands dirty (or super-clean really!)

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