Tuesday, 11 October 2011

look what we made - autumn tree arm-prints

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Last week we made these arm-print trees inspired by these ones from Teach Preschool. Now, if you thought painting with a two year old is difficult, let alone two two year olds - try painting their entire arm, trying to coax them into using both their hand and arm to make the print, keeping their fingers spread, not smudging the paint and not getting paint on their clothes and or your beige carpet/ white furniture. I might be a little crazy.

Cc was happy to let her print dry while she had a nap and later I cut out leaf shapes from a colour-mixing painting we had done previously. She loved using the glue stick and deciding where the leaves would go (with a little helpful prodding from yours truly).

Little V decided not to nap and wanted 'leaves leaves mama' on his print, so I took more inspiration from this post and we used an egg-box to make prints...

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  1. Super cute! I have been wanting to make handprint trees in my class too!


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