Thursday, 27 October 2011

a little baking set

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I think by now all my friends know that I am all about making things myself, but with two kiddos to look after and all 9 of the kiddos in our group having their birthday within 3 months of each other I have scaled back on the handmade gift front and am putting together little 'kits' of shop-bought things instead. That way the gift is still personal and unique and I still get to feel like I am actually doing something, rather than buying something. I think they're kind of a good idea for toy overload too.

For example, for little S' birthday a couple of weeks ago I bought a plastic bucket (I think it was intended as an ice-bucket as it came with a set of tongs) and filled it with some beautiful bubble bath, a bath bomb, rubber duckies and a set of Peppa Pig washcloths (her favourite) to make a little bathtime kit.

This week for another little C's birthday I put together a little kitchen kit for some mama daughter baking time...

She is tres girly so we have a bright pink spatula and a mini-whisk, a collection of pink and gold cupcake cases and a couple of hand-written recipe cards with some things that the kiddos and I have cooked together (therefore kid friendly with plenty of opportunity for 'helping').

Have at least four more birthdays to go and then Xmas to think about... any other 'kit' gift suggestions?

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