Saturday, 8 October 2011

listography - a-z of Vin & me

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I was gonna do a ten things about me kinda post so I can share some stuff about me, but then I saw this super cute A-Z over on Katie's Pencil Box and thought it was lovely. I started asking Vin the questions, but we lost focus and sense pretty soon so I might have ad-libbed some of his answers...


A. Age: 24 and 2 respectively
B. Bed size: (mama) king-size (vin) toddler-sized
C. Chore that you hate: (mama) washing up (vin) why would I do anything I didn't like?
D. Dogs: (mama) no thanks (vin) doggee doggee, it's a doggee
E. Essential start to your day: (mama) coffee, Berocca, hot shower (vin) Cheerios and breakfast cartoons
F. Favorite color: (mama) blue or turquoise (vin) red (it's the only colour he knows)
G. Gold or Silver: (mama) am growing into gold (vin) Harry (getting distracted now)
H. Height: (mama) 5"7 (vin) I have no idea, mid thigh?
I. Instruments you play: (mama) I played the drums for a while and the flute and I can bang out a tune on a piano (vin) jam-jar shakers, whacking daddy's guitar, beating on my bongos
J. Job title: (mama) childminder/ mama (vin) professional finger-painter
K. Kids: (mama) one, and that is enough (vin) no thanks
L. Live: (mama) Palais du Cristal as my friends call it (vin) London baby
M. Mother’s name: (mama) Vicky (vin) Charlotte
N. Nicknames: (mama) Cc calls me 'mommy charlitt', D calls me 'bear (I hate it) (vin) Viva, Vinja, Pops, Vv, Little V, Vinniepopaloola, Monst
O. Overnight hospital stays: (mama) when Vin was born I stayed in for the first night (vin) not since I was born'd
P. Pet peeves: (mama) when people say 'expresso', people who judge me as a mother based on my age, clothes or parenting philosophy (vin) when people say 'no' to me
Q. Quote from a movie: (mama) 'she's like that scratch on the roof of your mouth that you know would leave you alone if you could just stop tonguing it, but you can't' (vin) always laughs at the scene in 'Night at the Museum' with the Easter Island Head
R. Right or left handed: (mama) right (vin) looks like he's a righty too
S. Siblings: (mama) sister Hannah, brother Alex, brother Ethan, brother Christopher, step-sister Lillie (vin) nope, nuh uh no way
U. Underwear: (mama) black and lacy always (vin) size 5 Pampers
V. Vegetable you hate: (mama) kind of aversion to sprouts, but no real hatred (vin) all vegetables must die a horribly deathly doom
W. What makes you run late: (mama) Little V and Cc (vin) refusing to get dressed if mama suggests an outfit that doesn't have a dinosaur on it
X. X-Rays you’ve had: (mama) when I fractured my collar bone aged 12, lots of scans and things on my insides (vin) nope
Y. Yummy food that you make: (mama) cakes, lots and lots of cakes. And cookies. And cupcakes (vin) ants on a log
Z. Zoo animal: (mama) giraffe (vin) I like aquariums best

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