Tuesday, 18 October 2011

kids in the kitchen - pink and green rocky road

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Another kid friendly recipe, from our kitchen to yours... Rocky Road. Seriously this is the first thing you should try 'cooking' with your kids. For one, aside from melting the chocolate there's no actual cooking involved - for a first timer I would suggest melting the chocolate beforehand and letting it cool slightly before letting the kiddos come in - we like to stand on a chair and watch the melting and I can pretend it's a mini science lesson, but my kiddo also knows the rules about touching the pan/cooker etc.

Also there's no specifics about measuring or ingredients, go with what you like or what you have to hand - the only must-have is the chocolate.

Bash up some biscuits (we use wholemeal digestives) - proper grown ups will suggest you pulse in a food processor, I will tell you to let your toddler go wild with a wooden spoon.

How many is really up to you, you can always add more later. Mix it all in with the chocolate to make a lovely gloopy mess - at this point they will want to stick their hands in - test the temperature and then let them go for it - being a kid is the one time it is acceptable to have chocolate smeared around your face (and in your hair and behind your ears and between your toes).

Choose your favourite nuts (or replace with smarties, dried fruit, white chocolate chunks etc) and get the kids to tip a packet into a foil baking tray. Pour in your lovely chocolate mixture and smooth over the top a bit with a spatula.

You can add more sweets/nuts etc at the point but all the best Rocky Roads have mini marshmallows. Show the kiddos how to poke the marshmallow gently into the top of the mixture to ensure it sticks and let them practise their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

When you've finished playing mixing pop it all in the fridge for a couple of hours then slice into big chunks or little petit four sized squares.

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