Wednesday, 12 October 2011

kids in the kitchen - mini pizzas

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I love cooking with the kiddos, we make time for it every week. It's such a great learning experience - the sensory elements, measuring, science, new vocabularly, using tools, muscle development, reading, confidence building, hand eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills... and at the end you get something that tastes great. Not to mention the countless memories you guys are building... I'm pretty sure everyone thinks back of fond times licking the spoon after mixing up a cake batter and all that other sentimental stuff grown-ups go in for.

This week the kiddos made mini-pizzas for their tea. I made up a pizza dough, rolled it into individual rounds on a small sheet of baking paper and set out some different toppings for a foodie free for all.

Mostly the pizzas just ended up with a bowl of cheese dumped on top of them, so I did a bit of creative rearranging before popping them into the oven... et voila... an afternoon whiled away and tea sorted to boot...

So friends, how do you create those'childhood memory' moments with your kiddos? Any other kid-friendly recipes you'd like to share? 

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  1. We love amking pizza too! It is a great activity in so many ways. I love how proud children are to eat what they themselves made.


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