Thursday, 13 October 2011

kids in the kitchen - heart-shaped crumbles

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Today in our 'kids in the kitchen' time we made mini heart-shaped crumbles. Crumble is one of those recipes I think is perfect for kids to make, you can prep the filling (chop apples, roast rhubarb etc) or let the older kids get on with it. Then the littlies can mix up the flour, suger and butter and get their hands messy. I could tell you all about how the activity of rubbing the butter into the other ingredients is a pre-cursor to early writing skills, but I won't bore you when there's pudding to be had!

As you can see some of our crumble is not so... crumbly. If you want a picture perfect finish I would suggest spending a little time re-rubbing the butter into your flour after the kiddos have had their turn, just to get the big lumps.

Et voila - not only do they look quite elegant, the individual portions make the perfect kiddo sized dessert too.

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