Sunday, 30 October 2011

keep it simple - mixing drinks

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What's this you ask? Looks like a pile of junk? You'd be right, it is a pile of junk. The kiddos found these plastic cups I have been hoarding (a byproduct of my slush-puppy addiction) and spent forever pretending to slurp from them. It made me giggle and I had a great idea for a little activity for them. While I got on with something fancy and photograph worthy, I let them raid the recycling and find some bottles, straws and a tiny ceramic milk jug I (accidentally) stole commandeered from a coffee shop. They had so much fun that by the time I'd finished setting up our 'proper' activity they weren't interested anymore! Oh well, we have something tucked away for another day and yet again I am reminded that keeping it simple is often the best option.

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