Thursday, 13 October 2011

keep it simple - balloon time

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Sometimes I think the best ideas really are the simplest. I think it was raining on this particular day so I knew I had an afternoon of entertaining to do. Instead of spending nap-time creating an elaborate mutli-sensory invitation to play, I filled the kiddo's bedroom with balloons (he chose to nap on a pile of cushions in front of the TV - oops, parenting fail) and let him discover them when he woke up.

He looks kinda grumpy in this one... I gues we all feel like that when we first wake up huh? I didn't get a good picture of him playing, because as soon as I put some music on (Nena for ironic purposes) the kiddo's went wild and all my shots are like this...

Fully awake now and in super-blurry high-speed action mode. One suggestion, don't try this in a small space, the kiddos went crazy in a flurry of balloons and bumped into each other a lot!

Any other suggestions for keeping it simple kiddo time?

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