Wednesday, 5 October 2011

an invitation to play - railway city

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Have you guys heard the phrase 'invitation to play'? I read about it on Childhood 101 which is one of my most visited blogs - I am literally working my way through her archives, there are so many great posts.

In short an invitation to play is just that. A little set-up of toys or materials, presented in an imaginative way, for your little one to find and explore. I kind of already did this, without realising, but soon as I knew about the actual concept I spent a lot more time working on them.

I got down on the floor while the kiddos were napping and looked at this little scene from their point of view. I wanted the play to be open-ended and imaginative and use materials they are familiar with (pipecleaners, straws and conkers for example) but in a new way.

What do you think, does it look inviting? 

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  1. Looks awesome! We just started incorporating the invitations to play into our daily routine! My two love them! You have some great ideas! Thanks!


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