Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Baking - Ginger-Dead Men

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Happy Halloween Eve (halloweve?) you guys...

I had my little brother staying for the weekend, so we had to swap out the fingerpaints and playdough for a little more mature fun (though he was tres pleased with his own playdough monsters, he's just too cool to admit it).

We did lots of baking, some Black Velvet Cupcakes I'll share tomorrow, and these 'Ginger-Dead Men'. Let me tell you, entertaining an 8 year old is a helluva lot different to toddlers, but you through anything gory or gross into the mix and they are hooked.

We made up a batch of ginger-sugar cookie dough, rolled out lots of little men and once they were baked we bit off their heads! Ace fun...

Looks at his sad little face!

These are little Chris' attempts... I love the cheecky little bat face

This, apparently, is a ninja. He has been chopped in half by a Samurai sword... see what I mean about the gory and gross?

As usual little Vin got into the action too


  1. I just love these. Wilson would really enjoy the gore! X

  2. Ha ha ha, so hilarious. We've got to try these next year. Thanks for sharing them with us.


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