Monday, 31 October 2011

Black Velvet Cupcakes for Halloween

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Happy Halloween!

We are celebrating with some skeleton bunting, chains of bats cut out like paperdolls, decorating pumpkins and... Black Velvet Cupcakes...

Just like your average Red Velvet but with half a tube of black food colouring... I have to say it is odd working with a batter this colour and even odder eating a cake this colour, but soo tasty and seasonally appropriate.

I'm working on my icing skills but thought a cute little Jack Skellington face showed little room for error... unfortunately I got too confident and attempted a spiderweb... ended up with this...

But hey, it tasted good, and Halloween is all about been a little ragged round the edges right?

So do you guys celebrate Halloween, are you trick or treating or doing the Monster Mash?

p.s. I am totally doing Green Velvets for St Patrick's Day!


  1. neat idea... i want to see the inside

  2. Cute Halloween cupcakes - thanks for sharing them on Monday Madness.

  3. these are cute! :) Thanks for sharing on the sunday showcase


  4. Thank heavens for a Halloween cupcake that looks awesome AND achievable! I've got eight 2-3 yr old kids coming for a party on Sat. Have you come across any toddler party games?

    1. Hey Mrs Brown, thanks for your comment! You should check out this great round-up of toddler friendly Halloween ideas: ( acouple of ours are included too!)

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