Wednesday, 5 October 2011

wrap it like cowboys & indians

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Over on my old blog I used to do a little feature called 'Wrap it like...' where I would wrap up an empty giftbox and make it beautiful (I know, maybe I had too much time on my hands what with a child and a job and a blog and a house to run and a book to write?)

You can be pretty sure I don't have time for that malark anymore, but since it is my Vinja's birthday week as I write I figured I'd share this kiddo inspired wrap-it.

I brainstormed a boy-themed wrap-it and came up with the idea of traditional boyhood games (you know before Halo Wars, Ben 10 and Bakugan)... so I give you Cowboys & Indians...

That is a lassoo on the cowboys one, not a noose... just so you know...

I'm sure it is entirely PC to say 'Indians' anymore... so this is the Native American/Cherokee inspired one


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