Wednesday, 5 October 2011

the pink and sparklies

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Four days a week I look after Vinnies bff Little Cc. And though she is the prettiest little dollface toddler I have ever seen, Cc's mama is not a fan of the pink and girly. So when I noticed that she loved Vin's Homemade Toxic Slime, I knew I had to make her some, but with an extra something girly.

And the hearts? And the sparkles? And the sweeties? When I break the rules, you know I do it properly.

I used the same recipe as before (1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 2tbsp cream of tartar, 2tbsp veg oil, 1 cup cold water) but this time I chucked in a helluva lot of pink food colouring to get that bubblegum shade and then tipped in a pot of sparkly pink edible glitter and a few drops of rosewater. You know, just to up the girly factor a little.

et voila, pink and sparkly girly flavoured goo. Of course, I am clearly an extremist, you could just make a couple of pots in primary colours, omit the glitter and add whatever gender neutral scent tickles your nose buds

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