Wednesday, 5 October 2011

make your own monster

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When the kiddos are napping anyone sensible would probably have a nap too, read a book or at least clean the house. Nope, not me. The kiddos get the major grizzles when the wake up, so I figure they need a distraction from the misery of not being asleep anymore. I usually put together a little activity and usually these are planned and shopped for and tested beforehand. And then somedays they're not and I run to the kitchen and look for something kinda interesting looking to a toddler. Hence the colanders.

And what can you do with a couple of colanders and some art supplies?

Make monsters of course! A little exercise in fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity & imagination... and a little rasta mon-ster is born...

As you can see, Vinja took this activity very seriously. What can I say, we suffer for our art...

...most of the time anyway...

Any post-naptime 'invitaton to play' set-up suggestions from your kiddos guys?

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  1. these are so cute & easy! I love all the fun things you have here on the blog so I wanted to invite you to share some of your ideas on the sunday showcase my child centered linky party (open sat thru thurs.) -



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