Wednesday, 5 October 2011

a cupcake for a boy

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did you like my last post of boy-themed cupcakes? Do you even know how hard it is to think of boy themed cupcakes. The world is awash with cases desgined to look like tulips and every shade of pink frosting and pastel coloured sprinkles and candy coloured sugars.

I decided a boy cake doesn't need perfect frosting and piped swirls, so I just sort of dumped the icing on some chocolate muffins and rouched it up a bit. Then I stood staring and squinting at it a while trying to get a vision of what it could become. And I spied these army men I got from the flea market that I had planned another project around (note to self army men in oven = craftfail). And this little guys just said 'excuse my violent undertones, gender specificness and the gun that is proportionately as large as my body and let me sit atop something sweet and joyful...

...then he went all Dirty Harry on me... so I ate it

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